Cotton weed management workshop - Chinchilla

A one-day CottonInfo workshop providing strategies to manage resistant weeds in cotton farming systems.

Weeds that can't be controlled with glyphosate are forcing a re-think on the range and diversity of weed management tactics used in Australian cotton systems. Increasingly growers have to integrate a wider range of management tools just to keep ahead of the weeds. These 1-day workshops address specific cotton weed management issues, with practical guidance for growers and consultants on herbicide resistance.

Workshop topics include:

  • Managing weed seedbank dynamics in cotton farming systems 
  • Factors driving the selection of herbicide resistant weeds in cotton systems
  • Effective use of the full range of weed management tactics in the cotton toolbox (pre-emergent herbicides, optimising impact of alternate post emergent herbicides, non-herbicide tactics)
  • Managing crop establishment and managing volunteer cotton
  • Crop sequence and fallows
  • Farm hygiene, channel management and weed seed distribution

Workshops will be in small groups and start at 8:30am. Numbers are limited to ensure active participation and discussion, so book early. These workshops are developed and delivered by ICAN on behalf of the CRDC and CottonInfo. Cost is $50pp (GST inclusive).

Date: 12 July 2017
Time: 8:30am
Location: Chinchilla (Club Hotel)
For more: Visit or contact Erica (, 02 9482 4930)