Gwydir Valley Area Wide Management Meeting

There has been a call to re-establish/re-invigorate area wide management (AWM) groups in the Gwydir Valley. These groups would be coordinated by the Gwydir Valley CGA (Lou Gall) and CottonInfo (Janelle Montgomery), but driven by the growers. As part of the upcoming AWM meeting on 17 August we will sort out how these groups might work. While AWM groups can be used to help coordinate sprays throughout the season, share strategies, including weed management, conserving beneficial, delaying use of disruptive insecticides etc they are also just a really just great way to getting together and learning from other growers.

The purpose of this first meeting is to discuss three things:

  1. Setting the Admiral application Window for the Gwydir
  2. Insecticide management options for winter crops and the implications for the 2017-18 cotton crop.
  3. Work out what growers and consultants would like from Area Management Meetings this season.
  • Location of group(s)
  • Communication within the group(s)
  • Activities /demonstrations / trials

Researchers Paul Grundy and Jamie Hopkinson will be in attendance.

Date: Thursday 17 August 2017
Time: 3pm
Venue: B&W Rural, Moree.
For more, contact: Janelle Montgomery M. 0428 640 990 E.