Sustainability: we all have a part to play.
The Australian cotton industry’s sustainability framework benefits growers directly, as well as the entire industry. 

By talking to people inside and outside the industry, we have identified nine sustainability topics we know are most important to all stakeholders. Below are the summary actions we need to take as an industry to continue to improve in these areas. 

What can you do to play your part in the industry’s sustainability work?
1.    Read this list below
2.    Identify any areas you know you can improve. For example, can you improve nitrogen use efficiency (which will save you money and reduce the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions)?
3.    For areas you know you can improve the most, go to CottonInfo or myBMP for resources, or call your CottonInfo rep.

Sustainability framework

Why is it important you play your part? Because you will be better off. So will the industry, the environment, and your community.

Sustainability is a win-win.

Managing these topics well creates environmental and social value: improved soil health, more resilient cotton communities, reduced net greenhouse gas emissions and enhanced native vegetation, to name a few.

Good management directly benefits individual cotton growers as well. More efficient input use, less injury time, more innovation and a more attractive workplace are some of the ways sustainability directly impacts farm productivity and profitability.

And it also benefits the entire industry. By continually talking to a broad range of stakeholders, the industry is more alert to risks and opportunities. By providing evidence we are managing what matters, we are more likely to gain or keep customers for whom sustainability is increasingly non-negotiable.

Sustainability can benefit you and the entire industry, while creating economic and social value. Win-win.

But we do need everyone to play their part and continue the Australian cotton industry’s proud track record of continual improvement in the way the world’s finest cotton fibre is produced. 


PLANET. PEOPLE. PADDOCK. is the Australian cotton industry’s sustainability framework. It has been created to guide work to: 
•    Set targets in the areas most important to industry and stakeholders 
•    Coordinate a whole-of-industry strategy to achieve these targets 
•    Engage effectively with stakeholders on actions and progress. 
PLANET. PEOPLE. PADDOCK. is not a compulsory standard or a brand. It is a framework that recognises sustainability is an integral part of doing business, and provides a path for the entire industry to coordinate effort and benefit from continually improving sustainability performance.