Weeds of Australian Cotton app

The Weeds of Australian Cotton app is a tool for cotton growers and their advisors, designed to assist in identifying 50 key weed species. 

The app includes key includes cotyledon shapes as an important diagnostic characteristic - as weed identification in the early growth stages is critical as similar-looking species often have quite different control requirements, and waiting for diagnostic features like flowers and fruits to appear means the optimal window for herbicide applications has long passed.

This app builds on previous publications, including WEEDpak, to help growers ID weeds on the go. It has been developed as part of a CRDC-supported project led by Dr David Thornby, with input from fellow weeds experts Graham Charles, Jeff Werth and Dr Ian Taylor.

It's available on both apple and android smart phone devices and is available to download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Download the app, and this quick start guide, today!