CottonInfo is designed to give you the information you need, when you need it, to help you make the best management decisions for your farm.

Our team consists of regional extension officers (our on the ground support team, based in the cotton growing valleys), technical leads (who specialise in a specific research area and the point of contact to the wider cotton research community) and myBMP experts (team members who can help you sign up for, and participate in, the cotton industry‚Äôs best management practice program).

Meet our team

We specialise in a number of areas: nutrition, soil health, water management, pesticide use efficiency, energy use, carbon and climate, biosecurity, disease and insect management, natural resource management, stewardship and weed control. 

We aim to achieve three things: improving industry practice, improving research and development communication, and improving industry responsiveness. We're doing this via on-farm programs and activities including:

  • Our on-farm nitrogren trials, run by our team of regional extension officers, into fertiliser efficiency and soil health. 
  • Our work in taking water use efficiency and irrigation system research and development onto farms through a series of CottonInfo events;
  • Our efforts in sustainability and environmental stewardship: helping to improve efficiencies for the benefit of your bottom line and the environment. 

For more, view our annual operating plan and our strategic plan.